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We should have listened to Warren Buffet in 2005…

… and it would not be likely that we’d be in today’s economic mess. Here’s Warren and Bill Gates addressing an audience six years ago… listen closely and then wonder why we don’t tax the rich a little more:

See? Send this video around to all your friends (and Congressional representatives.)

Tar and Feather the Politicians…

Ralph Nader signing books at Barnes & Noble Un...

Ralph Nader - "The Spoiler" - if it were not for him, Gore would have been President and we would probably not be in this position right now.


As we go through the weekend with both Democrats and Republicans more concerned with which side “wins” or “loses” than with the concerns and complaints of the general public, we rapidly approach the August 2nd Deadline.

So, perhaps they will give themselves a one week extension to figure out how to end this… perhaps even REALLY compromise on a solution. I tell you what would end this now… a consortium of the richest folks in America… called by a Warren Buffett or a Bill Gates perhaps… who INSIST on returning to the tax levels they were at under Bill Clinton (when they all made significant monetary advances anyway). Greed, however, is stronger than Good, so I don’t think anything like a voiced opinion by wealthy folks will ever happen.

We are also getting to the extremes… and that brings out people like Ralph Nader (the Spoiler) who is now pushing for a primary challenge to Obama to bring out progressives and liberals dissatisfied with the President’s concessions to the Right. And , of course, the unchangeable Tea-Party Congressfolk can still do plenty of damage before the 2012 elections… the first time Americans can repair the mess they made for themselves in 2010.

If there were a way to just keep the politicians, the corporations, the lobbyists and pigs like the Koch Brothers out of all this and have a national referendum on raising the debt ceiling  and sharing the tax burden mor equitably… a referendum that would stand as law…  we might see a different world. But that will never happen, either.

We are in a deep and slippery-sided pit and climbing out seems damn near impossible. If they cut my Social Security payment and I can’t afford to do this blog anymore, I’ll be heading to DC with my pup tent and sleeping bag, with signs and my megaphone, and I would ask everyone in the same situation to join me.

A lttle computer history… what was predicted for software in 1977?

“I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.”

– Albert Einstein

Here is the word from a television broadcast and a VERY young Bill Gates 34 years ago:

I’d write more, but I’ve got to get over to one of our many thousand software stores and pick up some stuff that costs more than my computer (gee, if we could only get all of this in a hand-held telephone!).

Another Death: H. Edward Roberts, Inventor of the personal computer…

He was 68 years old and had long left the world where he created the MITS Altair, the first PC, to become a country doctor in Georgia.

H. Edward Roberts is relatively unknown to most of the world, but in the 1970s, in Albuquerque, NM, he created a gadget and turned it into a business. One of his earliest employees, Bill Gates, created Microsoft with partner Paul Allen to write the first Basic program for the Altair. Eventually, bored with the project, Roberts sold out for around a million dollars and went in other directions while Gates became a billionaire.

Roberts died in Macon, Georgia,  Thursday. According to his son one of Roberts’ last visitors was Bill Gates, who never forgot the man many credit with the creation of the PC industry.

Quote of the Day

“It was just way too much trouble so I gave it up.”

– Bill Gates commenting on Facebook.