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An Atheist Barbie (c/o

And where does Ken fall into this?

Easter… Bunny or Belief?

Here we are at the height of Christian religious observation… Easter, or the application of state-decreed capital punishment to Jesus, followed by his rising three days later (on Easter Sunday, apparently) to show everyone that belief has a factual base. Considered history by believers and illusion by others, it sets the basis for the development of churches (especially those run by older men who have a taste for young boys.)

America over the decades has given us a delightful alternative to the celebration of recovery from state execution by one believed to be God;s son, that being the Easter Bunny. Behold, a rabbit who brings eggs (many made from candy) in baskets to children on Easter Sunday morning. This, of course, is one of the joys of Capitalism, spurring industries ranging from Jelly Bean Production to Greeting Cards to the manufacture of imitation grass filling for baskets.

No matter what one believes or doesn’t believe about Easter, to many of us it is the thing which hammered the final nail of rejection into participation in the holiday… or in religion in general. The fact that, over two milennia of belief, proof and disproof so many need something still to believe in.

Anyway, Here’s Obama’s Easter message. It is sad to me that we expect politicians to be believers.

Cartoon of the Week

Toles in the Washington Post:


It is hard to shake a belief that is based on politics and not on reality.