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Light Booth Pre-Show

Getting everything ready as the audience starts to come in. Checked my e-mail and found I had a donation to the Under The LobsterScope operating fund from a reader in New Hampshire… so I, of course, immediately sent out the Bill’s Barnhart Ornaments font package (this month’s appreciation gift) by e-mail. The tile on the left is a Barnhart Ornament.

This is the first of the last three performances of Thurber Carnival… just tomorrow night and Sunday Matinee to go and it’s over. Not sure if I’ll be working on the next show here… I have some conflicts that they didn’t bother to ask me about… I guess they just assumed I’d be here. I much prefer it when people ask me in advance to work on their shows. This next one lands on Elly’s birthday and Thanksgiving week and I have lots of other things I’m involved with, like the Film Festival, during the rehearsal weeks. (That’s another Barnhart Ornament on the right.)

We’re at the 10 minute call and there are about eight people in the audience… I don’t know if there is a last minute rush out in the lobby, but one would hope. Oooops… it hit 11 as I write this.