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To answer a question received by e-mail…

…yes, I change the background pattern on the blog every day (or two) and try my hardest never to repeat a pattern.


I spend a lot of time searching for new patters that will make the blog stand out. Following users comments I stopped using moving images a while ago since they

detract from the posts. I do, however look for color that makes the pages stand out and patterns that make me relatively happy (like the “Paisley” I have up today.)

If you have a pattern you haven’t seen here that you’d like me to use, click on the mailbox and attach it to the e-mail.

Thanks, Bill.

Graphic Backgrounds – Request for submissions

Today's Background

As most of you know, I change the graphic background of this site every other day or so. I don’t like to repeat backgrounds, but I’m slowly running out of mine.

S o… I’m requesting that you send me graphics to use in backgrounds. The submissions should be .jpg images sized at around 400 x 500 pixels with a resolution of 72 pixels per inch. Larger and smaller will work as well, but my proposed size is just about perfect for the purpose.

Send your submission via e-mail here (click on the mailbox.)

Attach your sample to it so I can review it. The ones that I use will get submission credit on the front page.