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Scott Walker says that Wisconsin Public Employees do not currently pay their pension funds…but this is a LIE.

Look at this article quote from Forbes Magazine:

If the Wisconsin governor and state legislature were to be honest, they would correctly frame this issue. They are not, in fact, asking state employees to make a larger contribution to their pension and benefits programs as that would not be possible- the employees are already paying 100% of the contributions.

What they are actually asking is that the employees take a pay cut.

This is Forbes that says this. A Conservative business magazine. Go HERE and read the whole article. The article was written by Rick Ungar. Here’s his Bio:

I am an attorney in Southern California, and a frequent writer, speaker and consultant on health care policy and politics. To that end, I am active member of the Association of Health Care Journalists. Based in beautiful Santa Monica, California, I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to be a contributor to Forbes. I’ve recently finished a book designed to make the health care debate understandable to the average reader, and expect it to be out in the next five months or earlier.