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If you missed this week’s Podcast, you can hear it at BlogTalk Radio…

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We talked about Apple Computer‘s announcement of iCloud, the shortage of some generic medications in hospitals, the loss of memory with age, The loss of groundwater as seen from space by the GRACE project. and other things… If you sign in and listen, you can also add comments which will be available to all listeners, a list that grows every week.

btw: I’m getting a new cell phone, hopefully in the next week, which will improve the AWFUL sound quality of my current podcasts. And maybe I’ll have a music intro by next week.

– Bill

Surprising medical study on older women and how weight mass effects brain capacity…

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Body Shape May Affect Mental Acuity

Big apples fare better than plump pears

Being fat may diminish mental performance, studies find — a problem that worsens with age. But among elderly women, where fat is deposited may matter. To wit: The big apple is sharper than the obese pear.
Genetics dictates where people preferentially accumulate body fat. For most it’s around the belly. Among the obese, these apple-shaped individuals tend to run a bigger risk of developing heart disease than do pears — people who deposit most of their excess fat at the hips and thighs. For a host of reasons, physicians had expected that if body shape affected mental performance, apples would again prove the bigger losers.
In fact, the opposite appears true, Diana Kerwin of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago and her colleagues report online July 14  in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.
Among apples, the fatter they were, the higher their mental-acuity score…
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Go HERE and read more…This article is cross posted on Panhandle Vegan.

I had what I hope was a good interview this morning…

…it’s only for part-time work, but it is a good location with real needs I can meet better than most people I know. Whether they will worry about hiring an “old man” or if they were really looking for a different type, I don’t know. The people were pleasant. They asked good questions and I think I answered them adequately.

And they answered my questions as well. They have a couple more interviews net week, but I was told that I’d hear for sure on Friday the 16th.

What was especially good was that I drove myself to Hagerstown for the interview and got back OK without using any painkillers for my ribs. In another week I should be good as new.

Quote of the Day

“I’ve reached an age where I’m two generations past when I was considered avant-garde. I went right from avant-garde to being old hat in five minutes, and you start to feel superannuated.“

– Stephen Sondheim in this morning’s NY Times

Oh, how I agree!