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Film Festival Fun

We’re over at the NCTC watching 3D Movies (just completed Rise of the Jellyfish… scary movie!

The American Conservation Film Festival is in its second night and we are enjoying it as much as ever.

I have Jeff Feldman from the ACFF on my radio show tomorrow morning at 10:30. Tune in.


Trapped without a car…

I was supposed to meet with Candi from the American Conservation Film Festival this morning, but without a car I’m trapped at home. We’ve rearranged our meeting as a telephone conversation as opposed to coffee at Mellow Moods.

I suppose I could walk the mile and a half to get to Mellow Moods, but it would also require a walk back and my exercise program isn’t up to that yet… the hills would kill me.

John Case just called to say that Winners and Losers will be broadcast from Mellow Moods tomorrow morning and if my car isn’t out of the shop he’ll pick me up. At least I can still do the radio. I have a 1:45 doctor’s appointment in Hagerstown that Elly has to drive me to anyway because they are doing a test that requires sedation and I couldn’t drive after it anyway.

So I’m waiting for Candi’s ten o’clock call… just me and the dogs.

I’m starting to get busy as a retiree…

So far, I have my slot with John Case on his Friday morning Winners and Losers program on WSHC (mornings 7:30 to 9:00 at 89.7 AM) and I’m getting ready to do some volunteer web work with the American Conservation Film Festival.

I’m teaching Technical Theatre in August (wow…NEXT WEEK!) at the Full Circle kids camp.

I’m working on a radio drama proposal that I want to fund through Kickstarter. Case and I have been discussing this for a while.

And I’m looking for something to direct. There’s a play by Edward Albee called “Occupant” which is about the late sculptor Louise Nevelson that I’d like to do, but it isn’t the kind of show locals are going to be tremendously interested in. I am, though.

Kids Theater Camp at Full Circle Theater…

Laura Bakin reminded me by E-Mail this morning that I’m teaching tech theater (mostly lighting, I guess) to the kids at the Full Circle summer camp starting next week. Guess I’ll have to start getting my act together.

I’m also going to be doing some volunteer work for the American Conservation Film Festival which actually comes off in the fall… however, I’ve offered to update their web page ( I’m meeting their director for iced tea this coming week.

Looks like the retired life is going to get more interesting.