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I have accidently upset my job hunting…

Lately I have been spending my afternoons in the Mellow Moods cafe in Shepherdstown, which is the Best WiFi location in town and doing my job search with coffee. I run into all kinds of people while doing this, so I started carrying my camera with me. Behold one of the results:

The other day I secured a job interview opportunity while nursing my coffee along at this downtown location. Exciting.

I never got there… the night before last, while Elly was at a teacher’s conference in Baltimore for a couple of days, I was changing  the battery in a smoke detector (ceiling location of course) when I lost my balance and fell off the second step of the ladder, bumping my side on a corner wall when I hit the ground.

This has left me with an awful pain when I cough or breathe or walk, so I started in on a program of painkillers and a heating pad alternating with ice. This morning I felt about 30% better, but still not in great shape… so I had to reschedule my interview for two days from now. Hopefully, if I stay relatively still (despite dog walking, dog feeding, etc.) for those days I wil get to about a 60% recovery feeling (I’ve had aches and pains from falling before) and will be able to do the interview.

Meanwhile I haven’t felt that interested in sitting and typing into the blog… when I feel better I’ll be back t my 5 or so posts per day.

Robert Culp dies at age 79

This was unexpected.

Television actor Robert Culp (I Spy, with Bill Cosby,  and other programs) was rushed to Queen of Angels Hospital on Wednesday morning after falling outside his Hollywood home, authorities said. He was pronounced dead shortly after arrival, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Culp suffered a fatal blow to the head after falling while taking a walk and was found by a jogger who called 911. Paramedics, patrol officers and detectives responded to the scene.

Police report says this was purely accidental.

Sorry to have posted so little…

… in the last couple of days, but I had an accident coming out of the theatre on Saturday. I tripped and fell on the still partly icy sidewalk and hurt my knee and ribcage enough to keep myself propped up on pillows in my recliner for 36 hours or so. A lot of the pain is gone now, but yesterday I couldn’t even deal with keyboard typing without it hurting a lot.

I expect to make up for it today and from now on. Fortunately, not much is happening during the Congress’ holiday layoff, and even Joe Scarborough is taking one of his (very,very many) vacation days from Morning Joe, so I guess we’re all laying a little low.

So onward and upward… btw, I’m still looking to cast one more man in Hunting Of The Snark (any baritones out there?) which goes into rehearsal one week from today.

First time in years… had a car accident today

This is just what I needed… a car accident coming out of the grocery store in Martinsburg, WV, this afternoon. Even though my Progressive insurance will give me a rental while my right front headlight, fender, etc, are being repaired, I still have to come up with the $500.00 deductible.

Hope this isn’t the first bad news incident in a string… I don’t need it.

My Son In Law has had an accident…

…riding on my daughter’s Vespa in Connecticut. Serious broken leg requiring surgery tomorrow. Cassandra reached me on iChat and I called her back on the (dare I say it) old technology (phone.) Below is a picture of Matthew being brought in on a stretcher…

matthew on a stretcher

I hope you feel better soon Matthew. Family and friends can get all details on Cassandra’s Facebook page.