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Waiting for Comcast to call…

Image representing Comcast as depicted in Crun...

Rick, my Comcast salesman, is supposed to make one more attempt at getting someone from Comcast over here to re-install or re-configure their internet setup…the last chance they are going to have before I get this non-working setup pulled out and return to my old one (which I hardwired myself to last night… hence this post.)

Of course that means I can’t get out to do grocery shopping or other
things which usually make my Mondays. I hope this gets over pretty soon.

One Web Day is September 22…

Under The LobsterScope will be participating again. You can too.

OneWebDay 2010 will be held on Wednesday 22 September 2010. The suggested theme for this year’s events is to emphasize three important aspects of the Internet’s existence that ensure it’s continuing health and growth as a public resource:

1)  The End-to-End Principle – the principle that allows any application on any user’s machine to directly connect and interact with any application on any other user’s machine, without hindrance.
2)  Open Internetworking – Openness is the overarching principle that has ensured the success and growth of the Internet to date. User access, choice and transparency are critical to the success of the Internet and must be incorporated as central features of current and future policy frameworks for the Internet.
3)  The Internet model – The Internet is successful in large part due to its unique model: shared global ownership, development based on open standards, and freely accessible processes for technology and policy development. The Internet model is open, transparent, and collaborative. The model relies on processes and products that are local, bottom-up, and accessible to users around the world.

Go to onewebday2010.organd find out how you can participate.
– BT