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My radio show is short and earlier today…

Shepherd University is loaded with alumni this weekend and there is a home football game which is covered on WSHC starting at 11 AM. That means that my show, Talk To Me, is only 1 hour long and starts at 10 AM.

I’m putting my short list of songs on my playlist now and that will keep me from blog posting until I’m back home after 10 AM.

If you want to listen at 10, but are outside of the fifty mile or so tuning radius for 89.7, you can listen live on the WSHC  web site: When you get there, click on “Listen Live”.

Utterly surprised…

…to get a call from an old theatre friend from Northwestern… Dan Einbender, who hails from upstate New York. A brief bio:

Dan Einbender

DAN EINBENDER  has spent much of the last 32 years working with folk-music legend Pete Seeger’s Clearwater organization, whose efforts have helped to restore the Hudson River, while also creating a new generation of environmental leaders. Einbender was also the Grammy Award–winning producer of Seeger’s 2010 album Tomorrow’s Children. Einbender lives in Wurtsboro, N.Y. His work takes him all over the world, primarily to Hellebaek, Denmark.

Danny was in my first Systems Theatre group at Northwestern in the 60s and was one of my favorite performers then. I really admire his work with children over the years, and you can learn more about him at Kid Friendly Music.

Not having spoken with Danny for over 40 years, this was great having him call into the Occupy Movement discussion on WSHC this morning.
Hope I hear from him again as I sit trapped and retired in West Virginia‘s Eastern Panhandle.

My Car will now not be done until noon tomorrow…

…and I remain trapped at home. John Case is going to pick me up at 6:30 AM to get to the radio show setup at Mellow Moods (you can listen from 7:30 to 9:00 AM on WSHC 89.7) and I assume he’ll drop me off at Brown’s Auto Repair after the show.

It seems the new water pump (another part I didn’t know about) wasn’t delivered until late today and the guy working on my car won’t have everything back together until the late morning. This will only add hourly charges and watch the whole thing go beyond the $1200.00 they estimated yesterday.

That blows my evening out of the water, too. I was going to go to the Thurber Carnival rehearsal at Full Circle tonite to work on the lighting plot… looks like the next rehearsal I’ll be able to get to is Monday.  John is going to express my regrets to the Director, as he has to be at rehearsal at 7 PM. They haven’t run both acts in sequence and I have plenty of time to get the lighting down.

And life goes on…

Sitting with John at WSHC…

I’m doing Winners And Losers with John Case this morning… mostly because I needed to pick up the studio key (I’m subbing for John tomorrow and Monday…Labor Day).

Listen in…89.7 FM (or online at

Tomorrow is my Radio Day at WSHC…

I stopped off at the radio station this morning to get the key from John Case who won’t be in town tomorrow… I’m covering the Winners and Losers Program alone.

Today I’m putting together my music and some discussion topics. I stopped off at the Contemporary American Theater Festival office at Shepherd and talked to Peggy McKowen and Ed Herendeen to see if I can get someone to interview. The trouble with Theater People (I should know this, of course) is that a 7:30 AM show after rehearsing late into the night is a dismal prospect. Peggy is going to try and get me someone…then get back to me later today. I’m not really expecting anyone…although this would be good promotion for the CATF.

Anyway, it will take me some time today to be ready for tomorrow. BTW: you can hear the show live on-line at if you are outside the tuning range for FM 89.7 in Shepherdstown.

No Radio Show This Morning…

The key card that John Case gave me didn’t work and no one else was available to unlock the WSHC studio, so, after calling John in NY and calling Isobel Truchon who I was going to be interviewing, I returned home.

Sorry if you were planning to listen in. I’ll be back on next Friday morning.

Just got back from the Friday morning broadcast with John Case…

I did my regular Friday morning broadcast with John Case’s show (Winners And Losers) on WSHC 89.7 FM this morning. No special guests, but lots of discussion on Afghanistan, Greece, The Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones, Theatre, Movies (Robin Hood especially) and anything else which jumped out at us from the internet.

I’m getting used to this and learning how to work the equipment so John can take a break one of these Fridays.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun this morning and it is amazing how fast an hour and a half goes by.

I’m on the radio again tomorrow…

I’ll be on the radio with John Case tomorrow morning from 7:30 to 9:00 AM. Tune in to WSHC FM (the Shepherd University station), at 89.7. If you can’t get it on your radio you can listen in from the station’s web site.

I don’t know what we’re talking about or who the guest is, if any. Tune in and find out.

I’m off to be John Case’s CoHost this morning…

In a little under an hour from the time I’m posting this I’ll be on the Winners and Losers program with John Case at WSHC FM (89.7 on our local dial).

If you are not a local, you can get the program at WSHC’s on-line site. Go to: and listen in.

I’ll be on until 9:30 AM. Hope you get to listen in.

We’ll be on the radio early tomorrow morning…

John Case, who plays The Butcher in The Hunting of the Snark at Full Circle Theater, also has a weekday morning show on WSHC-FM (89.7) in Shepherdstown. He’s invited some cast members to sing a little from the show and me to talk about it (with Ruth Raubertas, our music Director).

He comes on at 7:30 AM and runs til 8:00 AM… I don’t know where we’ll be in there, but we are supposed to show up in the stucio at 7:30.

If you get the chance, listen in.