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The New Romney Health Plan for the Poor…


I watched’ “60 Minutes” last night and heard Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney reveal his new plan for the millions of Americans who don’t have any health care coverage: Go to the emergency room.

“Well, we do provide care for people who don’t have insurance. If someone has a heart attack, they don’t sit in their apartment and die. We pick them up in an ambulance, and take them to the hospital, and give them care. And different states have different ways of providing for that care.”

– The 2012 Mittster

As just about anyone will tell you, this is a publicly more expensive program and must less effective than insured quality care on an ongoing basis.

This is the same man who implemented the universal health care law in Massachusetts (what we tend to call Romneycare) while he was the governor. He also reiterated the need for universal coverage back in 2010 during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“Look, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to have millions and millions of people who have no health insurance and yet who can go to the emergency room and get entirely free care for which they have no responsibility, particularly if they are people who have sufficient means to pay their own way.” 

– The 2010 Mittster

Does this guy ever stick to his opinions? Are any of his thoughts really his own?

I doubt it.


Watching 60 Minutes—It’s their Mike Wallace Night

It doesn’t matter that just about anything could have gone wrong with the world this week… 60 Minutes is spending their hour in a tribute to Mike Wallace.

While I’m not sure if I’ll learn anything I don’t know, at least I can remember a person I thought a great deal of.

The Idols of My Generation are Passing: Mike Wallace Dies at 93.

This from CBS:

(CBS News) CBS News legend Mike Wallace, the “60 Minutes” pit-bull reporter whose probing, brazen style made his name synonymous with the tough interview – a style he practically invented for television more than half a century ago – died last night. He was 93 and passed peacefully surrounded by family members at Waveny Care Center in New Canaan, Conn., where he spent the past few years. He also had a home in Manhattan.

“It is with tremendous sadness that we mark the passing of Mike Wallace. His extraordinary contribution as a broadcaster is immeasurable and he has been a force within the television industry throughout its existence. His loss will be felt by all of us at CBS,” said Leslie Moonves, president and CEO, CBS Corporation.

“All of us at CBS News and particularly at ’60 Minutes’ owe so much to Mike. Without him and his iconic style, there probably wouldn’t be a ’60 Minutes.’ There simply hasn’t been another broadcast journalist with that much talent. It almost didn’t matter what stories he was covering, you just wanted to hear what he would ask next. Around CBS he was the same infectious, funny and ferocious person as he was on TV. We loved him and we will miss him very much,” said Jeff Fager, chairman CBS News and executive producer of “60 Minutes.”

A special program dedicated to Wallace will be broadcast on “60 Minutes” next Sunday, April 15.

If all you knew Mike Wallace from was 60 Minutes which he did from 1968 to 2008, then you only knew half of his amazing television career. He hovered between entertainment and news in the 40s and 50s, got his first network presence on ABC’s Mike Wallace Interview – which was based on his earlier NYC interview program called Night Beat, where he developed his browbeating interview style.

CBS News producer Don Hewitt took Wallace’s hard-charging style as a counter to the avuncular Harry Reasoner and on September 24, 1968, Wallace and Reasoner introduced “60 Minutes” to the 10:00 p.m. timeslot, where it ran every other Tuesday. While critics loved it and awards followed. it had a hard time building an audience. After seven years trying various nights, “60 Minutes” went to 7:00 p.m. Sunday, where it remains today.

Mainly because of Wallace’s tough style, it made the top 20 shows in 1977 and the top 10 in 1978, then became the number-one program in 1980.

Myron Leon Wallace was born in Brookline, Mass., on May 9, 1918. He attended Brookline High School and was graduated from the University of Michigan in 1939 with a B.A. degree in liberal arts.

Mike, we salute you.

Andy Rooney Dead at 92…

One of our favorite commentators has died of complications from surgery at age 92.

Andy Rooney, who delivered 1,097 commentaries on 60 Minutes beginning in July of 1978, worked right up to the end of his life, as his colleague Steve Kroft said:

“Andy always said he wanted to work until the day he died, and he managed to do it, save the last few weeks in the hospital.”

Rooney won 4 Emmy awards, one for a piece on whether there was a real Mrs. Smith who made Mrs. Smith’s Pies. As it turned out, there was no Mrs. Smith. His commentaries, however, were often marked as “complaints” beginning with the first one he did. He complained about people who keep track of how many people die in car accidents on holiday weekends. In fact, he said, the Fourth of July is “one of the safest weekends of the year to be going someplace.”

It was “A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney,” his weekly 60 Minutes segment, that made him one of the most popular broadcast figures in the country.

Ben Bernanke interviewed on 60 Minutes: Income Inequality Is ‘Creating Two Societies’

Gosh… Has Bernanke just figured this stuff out after helping to make the inequality himself?

Here’s a snip they had on HuffPo this morning:

clipped from
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke believes the growing income gap is “creating two societies” in America.
The central bank chief weighed in on income inequality during an interview Sunday with “60 Minutes” reporter Scott Pelley:

Pelley: The gap between rich and poor in this country has never been greater. In fact we have the biggest income disparity gap of any industrialized country in the world. And I wonder where you think that’s taking America.

Bernanke: It’s a very bad development. It’s creating two societies. And it’s based very much, I think, on educational differences. The unemployment rate we’ve been talking about. If you’re a college graduate, unemployment is 5 percent. If you’re a high school graduate, it’s 10 percent or more. It’s a very big difference. It leads to an unequal society, and a society which doesn’t have the cohesion that we’d like to see.”

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You notice he’s not saying what happens if you are a college graduate over 55 who became unemployed at the end of the Bush Debacle. I’ll bet our unemployment rate is at about 15%.

I am so mad at CBS…

I absolutely hate Sunday nites when the creeps at CBS schedule 60 Minutes (which I wait for all week) at 7:00 PM and I make plans for my evening around it … then they let Football run over it’s time and change the schedule by one hour at the last minute!

The trick, of course, is that they think I’ll stay with CBS all night... so I’d like to tell them that a.) I don’t like football and b.) I have no problem turning off CBS and watching other Networks or Cable stations. I do feel very unsatisfied when my 8:00 PM plans have to be put in a “choose or die” mode if I have to watch 60 Minutes out of sequence (tonite I chose to watch Once Upon A Mattress on the Ovation Channel… and I didn’t feel like breaking away from it. It’s one of my favorite musicals.)

I think they should program football earlier in the afternoon since they ho it will, as it always does, breach the 7:00 PM deadline. I am not the only person who thinks so…I’ve brought this up before over coffee with friends and they feel the same way. So if you are listening, CBS, don’t turn off your audience of you don’t have to. It is unappreciated.

Conan O’Brien

Elly and I are watching 60 Minutes tonite to hear Conan O’Brien tell his side of his conflict with NBC… this is the first day he could do so on television do to his previous NBC contract arrangement.

He’s been touring the country with a live show (“Prohibited From Being Funny On Television”) in the meantime and soon he will be in the 11:00 PM slot on TBS, coming on 1/2 hour before Leno.

So I’m settling in with a nice glass of seltzer sweetened with berry flavored Stevia drops, ready to hear Conan tell his story. After hearing Leno bomb on the White House Press Club dinner, this should be an up.

Quote of the Day

“How can we make sure civility is interesting?”

– President Barack Obama, commenting on the demonstration of right-wingers in Washington DC yesterday and the fact that, in the 24-hour cable news cycle, whover shrieks the loudest gets on TV.

Now we have to look at the responses it gets from the same 24-hour news situation. Don’t forget to watch 60 Minutes (where the quote comes from) tonite.

Obama will have another opportunity to talk on Health Care with America Sunday night.

clipped from

Obama to Be on “60 Minutes” This Sunday

We just got word that President Obama will sit down with 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft for an interview that will air Sunday night on “60 Minutes.”

The interview, his first since his televised address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night about his health care plan, will take place Friday in Washington.

It will be broadcast on Sept. 13, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Kroft last interviewed Mr. Obama – just two months into his presidency – in March at the White House. The president talked about the AIG debacle and the economy.
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This is a really good thing… let’s see how he uses it.