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One Web Day is September 22…

Under The LobsterScope will be participating again. You can too.

OneWebDay 2010 will be held on Wednesday 22 September 2010. The suggested theme for this year’s events is to emphasize three important aspects of the Internet’s existence that ensure it’s continuing health and growth as a public resource:

1)  The End-to-End Principle – the principle that allows any application on any user’s machine to directly connect and interact with any application on any other user’s machine, without hindrance.
2)  Open Internetworking – Openness is the overarching principle that has ensured the success and growth of the Internet to date. User access, choice and transparency are critical to the success of the Internet and must be incorporated as central features of current and future policy frameworks for the Internet.
3)  The Internet model – The Internet is successful in large part due to its unique model: shared global ownership, development based on open standards, and freely accessible processes for technology and policy development. The Internet model is open, transparent, and collaborative. The model relies on processes and products that are local, bottom-up, and accessible to users around the world.

Go to onewebday2010.organd find out how you can participate.
– BT

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times Outlines Upcoming Issues of 2010…

This from MSNBC:

The Last Day of the Year…

…and I will be more than happy to see 2009 disappear into the mist. It was a difficult year with, as a review the blog postings here and at other sites, more in the negative than in the positive to define it. For me, personally, it was pretty dismal, even though a few highlights kept me going.

But tomorrow is 2010… I have a job interview in Frederick, MD, on Tuesday… second interview, actually, having done a phone meeting before Christmas… for a job I feel qualified for. Plus it appears they are hiring at Frederick Community College, so I am putting an application together today to send off.

I start rehearsing Hunting of the Snark on Monday Night, and that is part of making the year start on at least a more creative note (still short 1 minor male role… will tackle that today as well).

Of course, we are kicking it all off with a new snow outside… if I see any more snow this winter it will be too much.