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200 Motels

If you’ve never seen 200 Motels or even if you have, the whole thing is here:

And if you don’t have time to watch a whole movie, here’s a song for today;

Frank with the Petit Wazoo Band…Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing:

Here’s a long one to kick off a Zappadan Thursday…

I’m enjoying the Fourth Annual Zappadan. Are you?

Today I am proud to present one of my all-time favorites, Strictly Genteel… not the version with Theodore Bickel and Ringo Starr and the cast of 200 Motels, but one done with full orchestra by Frank and company at one of the Halloween shows in the 1980s. Someone once said that this song should be the World Anthem, and, you know, it has a lot to recommend it. Lord have mercy on the Fate of this Movie and God bless the Mid of the Man in the Street!

OK, OK… so you need to hear Bickel anyway. Here’s a very bad recording of the Finale of 200 Motels: