Monthly Archives: May 2013

Today is Bill’s Birthday

Today is Bill’s birthday. He would have been 67 today.

We would most likely have gone out to eat as that is how we usually celebrate. He would have enjoyed that.

He would have spoken to his mother and his children and his grand children. He would have enjoyed that as well.

He would have written something in his BLOG and received a bunch of facebook Happy Birthdays on his two facebook pages.  He would have enjoyed that as well.

Plans are underway for June 15th – the Celebration of Life. 1:30 at the Entler Hotel, in Shepherdstown.

I am looking forward to celebrating his memory. We are all connected and better for having spent time with Bill. Let’s raise a glass to Bill Tchakirides.

June 15th, Celebration of Life for Bill Tchakirides

Save the date, June 15th. Please join Bills friends and family for a “Celebration of Life” for Bill Tchakirides at the Entler Hotel, in Shepherdstown, WV. at 1:30. Please rsvp Ellen Smith or 301.467.9516. We are looking forward to recalling his wonderful energy and zest for life.