Daily Archives: April 22, 2013

Bill Tchakirides is in Hospice Care

I am updating this page with some sad news. It is very difficult and I do not like putting this on a public social media page – it seems disrespectful – however I know there are of friends of his who will look at this and this is the only way to share the updates with them.We also cannot get into his email so there may be friends that he was emailing who we cannot reach  and we do not have anyway to email them for him.

Bill has been in hospice care for several weeks now. An additional tumor was found and so he was unable to continue the treatments for the brain tumor.

He is sleeping well most of the time. He is eating very little and drinking very little. His daughter Penny and I are keeping him comfortable and pain free. Hospice services are a wonderful thing and they are truly wonderful compassionate people to work with at Washington County Hospice.