Daily Archives: November 16, 2012

OK… next step.They are going to get me ready for surgery.

Hope this doesn’t take long…. I don’t really want to be knocked out for a long time. It’s my right brain that this tumor is on and I hope when they take it out I’ll still have mind enough to do this blog…an activity I am unusually fond of.



I guess I’ll be signing off now.  I’ll try to get back up tomorrow or Sunday.   –  Bill


In the hospital waiting for an EKG…

Surgery this afternoon, but they decided I needed another EKG this morning. I guess they think the old fat man is going to stop breathing and they want to cover their ass.

Had a no sleep night in the Georgetown Hotel. I’ve been fasting since last night and they won’t even let me drink water.

Cassandra is pushing me around in a wheelchair and Elly is on the phone. I sit and wait.

Hope you have a wonderful day.