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A Wonder of Science (Rated “R”)

This isn’t for kids… but it might be for you:


🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂

Ready to do some investigating of Romney’s business success?


Take a look at this article in Salon (click on title to read it.)

How Mitt Romney’s Bain “harvested” Sealy mattress company

Sealy was America‘s No. 1 mattress brand — until Bain Capital got its hands on it.

As Josh Kosman says at the end of the article:

“I hope one of the debate moderators asks Romney how Bain helped Sealy.”


Jon Stewart takes on Fox News

Chris Wallace tried to trap Jon Stewart in a liberal trap, but Stewart’s views of Fox as a conservative ideological network stand up. Stewart wins! here’s the video:

Don’t forget… there’s a Bill O’Reilly vs. Jon Stewart Debate on October 6. It costs $4.95 to hear the 90 minute show live. Hey…cheaper than the movies and probably more entertaining!

Jon Stewart (detail of original picture)

Latest Swing State Polls show Obama ahead in 5 out of 6…


Here are the latest polls from the battleground states:

Colorado: Obama 49%, Romney 46% (We Ask America)

Florida: Obama 49%, Romney 48% (Gravis Marketing)

Iowa: Obama 48%, Romney 44% (We Ask America)

Michigan: Obama 52%, Romney 40% (We Ask America)

New Hampshire: Obama 54%, Romney 39% (WBUR)

North Carolina: Romney 50%, Obama 46% (American Research Group)

While other polls have some different results (I’ll post them when they come up), Obama in general seems to be keeping enough of a lead to finally win the election.

The debates, of course, may change all of this. We’ll see.