Watching Romney on 60 Minutes led me to remember the things he was lying about…


Post these on your websites if you want to be aware of what Romney-Ryan will do to Medicare… and what they will do to employment and tax income, etc.:

Gee, I’m lucky… being in the oldest category they only grab about 50% of my retirement payments from Social Security (or all of my pension each year for the next 8… then it’s gone.)

Did you hear Romney say he was going to cut taxes on Middle America? Go you remember ythe other day when he said the income rate of Middle America started at $200,000.00 a year in annual income… and averaged a quarter of a million dollars. All at once I was not part of Middle America any more. Neither were ALL of the people I know and deal with every day in West Virginia.

I hope most people realize the bullshit Romney is bubbling over with. We have the possibility of having the worst president in history. Let’s avoid that situation by not voting for him.


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  1. He also seemed really nervous on 60 minutes. I am hoping nobody is going to vote for him, but you never know. I listened to him and Obama, and asked my husband “Can’t you tell who has the brains and logic?” Unfortunately, he can’t. He liked Nixon too. There’s nothing I can do to change his mind, and there’s nothing he can do to change mine.

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