Reviewing the “junk” or “spam” that comes into this blog…


Every so often instead of just trashing the entries that Akismet builds up during the course of the say, I take a quick review of where this stuff is coming from. Since I average about 9,500 of these bothersome bits a month, reviewing them is pretty much a waste of time, but it tells me what some people out in the blogosphere are trying to do.

Would you believe that this costs $1500.00?

For the most part they are trying to get free advertising posted as comments to blog entries. Last year the big pushers were porn sites, but this year I am swamped by women’s accessories – primarily Gucci leather products (mostly handbags) and various brands of ladies’ shoes.

Who do these people think this blog serves? Why do they think I’ll post this stuff?

I’d like to think the posters are wasting their time, but since I am sure this garbage is being put out by some kind of automatic list pushed across the web, I doubt that they are taking up anyone’s time at all.

Thankfully, Akismet has a great memory for spammers and removes them immediately. I recommend it highly.



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  1. On several websites I have I encounter that huge problem as well. In Worpress lcukily we can count on the good system of a Spamsearcher, but on on blog systems we get all those annoying letters into our mailbox.
    Problem is that sometimes by checking if it is a genuine letter, we come onto the spammers website or my virus;spam and fishing detector blocs the site.
    (Strangely enough some Christian subscribers on a few of my blogs are also blocked by my safety system, and than I wonder if they know their computer or their WordPres pages must be infected .)

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