Hard to believe: Romney says Obama will lie in debates!


Mitt Romney says that he expects President Obama to lie in the Presidential debates. He said this on Good Morning America on national Television:

“…the challenge that I’ll have in the debate is that the president tends to, how shall I say it, to say things that aren’t true. I’ve looked at prior debates, and in that kind of case, it’s difficult to say, ‘Well, am I going to spend my time correcting things that aren’t quite accurate? Or am I going to spend my time talking about the things I want to talk about?’”

Talk about the words of a liar… is it a good strategy to try and lay onto an opponent your own deficiencies.
What in hell does this man think he is pulling off here?


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  1. How can you lie in a debate ? Your right there in front of millions. It sounds like some kind of trance thing Obama can do to the World. The presidential debates will show Romney’s true colors.

  2. Michael B. Calyn

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  3. Perhaps Romney can share with us those specific debates where Obama lied.

    I see what he’s doing here. He’s making a preemptive strike against all the evidence-based arguments and defense Obama will level upon Romney. No matter how accurate Obama will be Romney will claim it’s all lies because Obama has lied about so much.

    This will keep him the good graces of the factless constituency he’s trying so hard to hold on to.

  4. I saw the interview tis morning and thought “what the hell is going on in this world?”

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