A day I have not looked forward to… have you?


It’s the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy and it will be the subject of all of today’s talk shows. The very thought of everything involved in the event… from the destruction of the World Trade Center, the crash into the Pentagon and the plane that went down in a Pennsylvania field. I remember the father of one of Buddy’s friends when we lived in Marlborough,CT, who had made his monthly business trip to NYC and died in the attack… which means not only did it happen, but I knew someone killed in the tragedy.

We are at war in the Middle East… still going after Al Qaeda. It is the longest war in our history and seems to go on forever. After the loss of citizens on 9/11, we continue to lose even more Americans because of the attack. I ask my self: what have we become?

I will try to put the day out of my mind. I have thought about it so much over the past eleven years. I am just crestfallen to find it on my mind again.


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  1. I was in NYC today…it was business as usually, which was oddly strange.

  2. Thank you for your reference in this morning’s post The tragedy of 9/11 is a little more personal to me, as my sister, who works for TJX Corp. was scheduled to go to NYC that morning, but for some reason did not go on that flight. She lost a quite a few of co-workers on flight #11 that day.

    Now in regard to what we have become, I believe that we have to continue to seek and destroy Al Qaeda or they will destroy us, like termites destroy a house..(From within.) We must fight a war to prevent more wars, and as paradoxal as that may seem, I’m afraid it’s fight or submit, and I’m not ready for submission. God Bless America.
    But though we may differ philosophically, I do thank you again for the ping back on your blog.


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