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Looks like Obama scored a measureable convention boost…


The polls are coming in as of Friday reviewing the presidential campaign after the Democratic National Convention.

The Rasmussen and Reuters/Ipsos surveys  showed Obama with a lead. In the Rasmussen tracking poll, a three-day average which has tended to show better results for Romney, Obama led 46%-44% among likely voters surveyed, up from a 1-point deficit on Friday and a six-point swing upward since the Republican convention.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen noted that for the first time in his survey, Democrats were now following the campaign as closely as Republican voters, a measure that often predicts turnout.In the Reuters/Ipsos poll Obama led Romney among likely voters by 47%-44%, up a point from Friday’s three-point lead.

Since Romney scored no upgrade after the RNC, Obama’s lift as of Friday is an interesting factor.



West Virginia Politics… why we have to elect a new comgressperson in our district…

Shelley Moore Capito is not a good representative. This election I am supporting Howard Swint.

Take a look at this:

If you vote in the 2nd District and you are like me then make sure you vote for Swint over Capito.