Is there really a liberal media bias? The stats don’t think so…


We’re always hearing the conservative right complain about the “liberal media bias.” The truth of the matter is, however, that it doesn’t seem to exist (maybe with the exception ow MSNBC.)

Take a look:

It sure looks like the conservatives have it pretty fine…not to mention the fact that they also seem to be getting more coverage.

So don’t let the complaints of the right fool you. They know where their advantage lies.


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    One of the most interesting features of the right wing media, I find, is their obsession with “liberal media bias”. I keep looking for it everywhere. But more often than not I find that what Righties call bias is really…well…the truth! I really can’t say i blame them for complaining though. It’s not like the right could ever compete with liberals on a level playing field. That’s a bit like Ferris Bueller competing with Principal Rooney. Yep, big waste of time! After all who ever saw anything on a definitively right wing media channel that was even vaguely interesting or entertaining.
    No “proper” entertainer worth their salt would sully their hard-won reputation by being associated with the angry, pro-life, WASPY, racist and fiscally hawky sentiment of the right-wing.
    My advice to the right, stop being such a downer, lighten up and let some of those riches really trickle down to the 99%.

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