A personal note – I’m living in considerable fear…

Yesterday I had another seizure like the dozen or so I’ve had in the past three years. As I mentioned at the time of the accident 4 weeks ago that left me with broken ribs and shoulder blade and collarbone (and sent me to the hospital for close to a week), my fall down the stairs was caused by one of these seizures. My car accident which took away my right to drive was the result of another seizure four weeks before that.

The worst part of these seizures is that after blacking out (and falling or actually carrying out some activities), I remember nothing until I come out of it… maybe a few minutes later, but occasionally a much longer time. Those who have experienced seeing me in such a state have confirmed that I talk to them and often do things… something I have never had a memory of.

My fear now is that these seizures may start coming more frequently. I’ve been through a large number of medical tests with no results. One doctor thinks it might be epilepsy and a couple of weeks ago had me watch out and see if new seizures happened, even with prescribed medication. I’ll have to call her today and tell her it has happened… not something I look forward to.

Elly is afraid that I’ll have one while she is at work and that I will fall and hurt myself with ho one around. I fear that, too… but I’ve got to go on living somehow.

Actually, this blog is one of the things that keeps me going and for that I thank the several hundred readers who view it every day. Sorry I’ve spoken about it now… I’ll try to lay off in the future.

– Bill

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  1. Sorry you are still having problems but keep a positive outlook. Modern medicine has made so many advances never give up hope the answer is right around the corner. Your blog is the first thing I turn to each day to see what crazy or stupid thing the conservatives have done today. Keep up the good work.

  2. There is absolutely no need to apologize. While I don’t know you well enough to presume friendship, your words and opinions speak volumes about your character. In essence, the world is a better place with you, and those like you, in it. So take care. My thoughts are with you and yours.

  3. I certainly hope you all the best for answers and positive results. I’m glad you enjoy your blog, I certainly enjoy learning and being informed with all the info you provide.

  4. Really sorry to hear this. Your blog has provided good thoughts and words for some of my thoughts and feelings. Thank you for your time and effort. Hope you find some answers to help your situation. Thinking of you and your family.

  5. bill, you and ellen are in my thoughts. i hope you find some answers soon. if there is anything i can help with, please let me know.

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