It’s been our number one social program for 77 years…


… all it needs is one year of Republican control and you can kiss it goodbye.


FDR signed the Social Security Act on August 14, 1935, ensuring that all Americans—not just the privileged few—can retire with dignity. 77 years later, the Republican VP candidate, Paul Ryan, has proposed privatizing our promise to seniors. Pass on this image if you support protecting Social Security.


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  1. Lovely posters, by the way.

  2. When only left in private hands, the people can be sure many shall be fooled and would not see their savings back at the end. If they want proof of that, ask them to look to the Belgian system where we have three mainstay systems.
    The State Pension contribution does not bring in so much money.
    Secondly there is the Tax deductible Pensionfund, where everybody has the choice either to choose to invest in funds, bonds, obligations, just safe savingaccount with interest or a mixture.
    The company retirement schemes have proven that sometimes (not many) suddenly the company disappears or got broke, so those who paid in that scheme loosed all their savings. (Can you imagine!)
    For those who want a bigger pension they are free to save in tax-deductible life insurances, which can give them some extra. This assures that a better income can be provided by those who can afford such a scheme.

    Those who do not think that it is necessary to safe for later, at least are protect against calamities and against their own stupidity, and shall be able to receive some income from their State pension, instead of falling in a black hole or having to work for an income until death. As such when they will be older they shall not fall onto the community to take care.

    The only problem Belgium is that retirement age is now brought up from 65 to 67 years, which for many professions is too old. In the European Union the danger exist that they want it even to bring up to 72 which is far too old, but then they do not have to pay so much out. In such case the private insurance companies their offer will be of much higher value.

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