Romney stuck with Ryan?

Looks like Romney may be stuck with Paul Ryan as VP nominee… not something he originally considered.

Here’s a clip from New York Magazine‘s piece on the subject:

Conservative anxiety has stalked Mitt Romney since the outset of his presidential campaign, expressing itself in a series of hopes that a nominee who was not Romney might win, and then, after his nomination became inevitable, as endless caterwauling for Romney himself to act less … Romney-like. Romney’s vice-presidential selection has begun to serve as a stand-in for these demands, and as recently as a week ago, they split between calls for him to pick Paul Ryan and calls for Marco Rubio.

But since then, Romney’s position has steadily eroded, intensifying the conservative panic. And a report by National Review’s Robert Costa that Romney was giving Ryan strong consideration focused all the attention on the dreamy House Budget Committee chairman and unofficial party leader. Suddenly Ryan’s potential nomination has become the sole locus of the conservative movement’s longings.

At this point, joining Ryan to the ticket would be a huge gamble. Romney would be tapping into Ryan’s immense political talent, but giving up on his win-by-default strategy that has taken a beating but might look good again if, say, some international disaster craters the recovery between now and November. In any case, the conservative drumbeat for Ryan has grown so overwhelming that it’s no longer even clear that Romney could turn Ryan down for an Incredibly Boring White Guy, even if he wants to. The Republican Party belongs to Ryan.

Has there ever been a Presidential nominee that was so unloved by his party?


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  1. I think the lack of love for Romney is evidence of the conservative comeback in the GOP. Conservatives are unable to find many Democrats to support so they have turned to the GOP and have started to change the face of the party back to where it was when it was founded.

    The Democrats have given in to the Socialist minority that has chosen to gain power through the DNC, thinking they could use the votes of the socialists to take power in Washington.

    We don’t see the socialists speaking out against the DNC candidates because the socialists have been happy with the choices being made by those candidates. Where the GOP has yet to truly embrace the conservative comeback within the GOP.

    Also, Paul Ryan is not a choice that will make conservatives happy but the GOP has the conservative vote no matter who the VP is. When the choice is progressive Republicans or progressive Democrats I will take the progressive Republican, like most conservatives will.

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