Back on the blog…but this will be slow.

Saturday, in the early afternoon having returned home after my WSHC show, I had a seizure walking up the basement stairs from the laundry. The next time I knew anything, I was being rolled into an MRI at Jefferson County Hospital.

Everything else, to me, is blank.

It looks like I fell down the stairs, hit the concrete  floor and slid over to a wall with a stack of paintings on it.

Fortunately,  Elly was just returning home and heard the thud. When she found me she couldn’t wake me up so she called 911. They got me to Jefferson.

I have six broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade and a cracked collar bone… all on the left side.

Any movement on my left side or moving my left arm meant excruciating pain. I screamed a lot. JCH then decided I needed specialty trauma care abd sent me down to Inova Fairfax in Virginia… a place if you were my worst enemy I would NOT send you.

I finally got out last night. Now comes six months of healing and pain reduction.

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  1. Glad to have you back on your blog. I have missed your daily rants and informative material. Get well soon.

  2. Bill, glad to see you back on the blog!! Now, PLEASE stop having all these accidents!! It is very inconvenient for the rest of us, as we go into moping phase and just can’t get anything done. Hope you can find some interesting mental gymnastics to do while resting from the unsuccessful physical ones…………….CU soon.

  3. Be well. I will keep you in a positive light for healing and peace. Hope you are back to yourself sooner than later.

  4. So sorry to learn of your accident, get well soon. PEACE

  5. Ouch. Sure hope they figure out what is causing these seizures. Try to stay positive and remember what Nora Ephron’s mother used to tell her when bad things befell her — “it’s all copy.” 😉

  6. Oh, man, what a sudden turn of events for you. Good luck, I hope the healing process goes well. Take it easy.

  7. I sincerely feel for you. The past dozen or so years have been filled with forays into the world of ER facilities ranging from VA to emergency clinics. All the adventures I enjoyed in my younger years seem to have caught up with me. Having found them all, along with the various ICUs and emergency transport systems to be lacking in comfort, I hope your trip is the last for you. I hear writing is a great way to work out some of the inevitable anger you’ll encounter. Best wishes for a speedy recovery my friend;-)

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