Apple Computer may be acquiring Twitter


This was on Reuters‘ web site this morning:

(Reuters) – Apple Inc (AAPL.O) held discussions in recent months about possibly investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Twitter to gain a social networking presence, the New York Times on Friday, cited people briefed on the matter as saying.

The iPhone and iPad maker, which has never delved deeply into a social media space dominated by Facebook Inc (FB.O), at one point considered an investment that would have valued the microblogging service at $10 billion but the two were not in negotiations now, the newspaper reported.

Apple declined comment. Twitter did not respond to requests for comment on the deal, which the newspaper said might presage closer ties between the two.

Let’s keep an eye on this. It could be a big deal.


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  1. Yes, Apple was in discussion with Twitter… over integrating Twitter into the notifications area of Mac OS Mountain Lion. But Apple is notoriously stingy with their money. They aren’t going to buy Twitter unless their competitors start getting similar value out of Twitter or unless they see it as cheaper to buy Twitter rather than continue paying Twitter for the right to integrate Twitter further into MacOS. It could happen, but if it does, we won’t know about it beforehand — Apple is also notoriously secretive about what they’re up to.

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