Is Romney Ready for Foreign Policy?

If you’ve been watching the news concerning Willard’s visit to London, you may have heard that he has made a number of gaffes – enough so that the Mayor of London has compared him to Sarah Palin, and thought Palin was the more accomplished candidate.

You can review all the gaffes so far HERE, including videos and statements. It makes you a little ashamed to be an American since the Brits are now looking at Romney as an example of us all.
Here’s one of the gaffes that hit on Mitt’s preparedness for the whole thing:

BBC News quoted Romney:

To look out of the back side of 10 Downing Street and see a venue having been constructed, knowing that athletes will be carrying out their activities almost in the back yard of the prime minister is really quite an accomplishment.”

So what’s wrong with that, you say. Well… The Guardian responds:

Firstly, in Britain, “backside” means “ass”. As in the part of the body. Secondly, “10 Downing Street” is often used in political reporting as a synonym for a press spokesman for the prime minister, in the same way as “the White House” can say things or have opinions.

Imagine what he’s going to do (or say) in Poland and Israel.

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  1. I would feel more comfortable with Mitt when it comes to foreign policy then some community organizer who’s only foreign policy experience was when he visited his “home land” in Kenya.

    At least Mitt has dealt with international business and other international entities prior to being President.

    Of course many countries would prefer to keep Obama in office seeing as he has sent billions of US borrowed money to create jobs over seas.

    • Romney has certainly shown his foreign policy expertise in the past few days… enough so that even many Republicans are wishing he’d stayed home. As to Obama’s “homeland” of Kenya, I believe his homeland is the USA and I’m really tired of Romney’s Racists (you know, the Anglo-Saxons as opposed to the Africans) attacking the President… especially when Willard is overseas.

      • I think you misunderstood me when I was quoting the first lady when she said that Kenya was her husband’s homeland, it was not as an attack.

        Also, I never said that I liked Mitt’s foreign policy experience, but I believe it to be a better record then Obama’s was when he was candidate. That didn’t seams to bother the Democrat voters when they voted for him.

        Maybe your just raciest and refuse to give a white man credit for what he has achieved. ()

        I just find it funny that anyone that voted for the rookie Senator would criticize an experienced businessman that has worked with international corporations and other International governing institutions as lacking foreign policy experience.

      • And yet lack it he does!

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