Why I will never eat at Chick-fil-A…


Because of it’s management’s consistent push of fundamentalist Christianity upon it’s customers, whether they are Jews, or Buddhists, or Muslims, or atheists like me, I have stayed as far away from Chick-fil-A as I could. If I were starving I would still avoid it. Restaurants should be concerned with making food and not making converts.

Recently, the President of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy,  came out as radically anti-gay… from opposition to gay marriage as well as opposition to gay employees. Does McDonalds do this? Burger King? Boston Market? Well, no.

Let me recommend that you avoid these guys, too. If you really feel a need to eat at the Rush Limbaugh of fast foods, just think about how every buck you spend there is supporting an ignorant society.


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  1. What exactly was it that Dan Cathy said that was “radically anti-gay”? I don’t recall him or any other person for that matter on behalf of Chick-fil-a saying anything about hating gays. All that was said is that he wants to have his business be based on biblical principals.

    Which, by the way, there is no place in the Bible where it commands anyone to hate gays.
    People have taken this way too far. Chick-fil-a is not a bad company simply because it doesn’t have the same values as left wing liberals. Yet people continue to demonize this man for exercising his First Amendment rights.

  2. When a Chik-fil-a opened up here in Tucson, my wife applied, and was called back for an interview. Near the end, my wife was sufficiently creeped-out enough by the questions to halt the interview, gather her things, and leave. My wife is a Christian (I’m the godless heathen in the family). Not only did they ask her about her religious beliefs, they asked about mine. Apparently, they felt that my opinions were the only ones that counted. Y’know, because I have a penis, and all.

    As she took her leave, she told the interviewer, “Dude, I just wanted a job. I didn’t wanna join a cult.”

    I love that woman.

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