80% 0f Antibiotics are Fed to Farm Animals – and it’s killing us!

Here’s something we should all be aware of (especially when we go food shopping):

I hope you signed the petition… and look for the label in the meat department that tells you your steak is from a cow raised without antibiotics.

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  1. Crazy isn’t it? And on a related note… Overuse of antibiotics is THE reason we are seeing resistant strains in hospitals, and in “the wild”. Yet everywhere we go- public bathrooms, by the carts at grocery and chain stores…at banks and in offices, we see hand sanitizers supposedly designed to kill germs.

    and yet, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that children raised around pets, on farms, etc-, end up with a much healthier immune system.

    I have spent my entire life around animals, around farms, around germ ridden environments. And I can count on one hand the times I have been sick in the bast 20 years. Go figure. (to add- I am pretty much an oppurtunistic vegan. Vegan 350+ days a year. Only eating meat friends raise or have hunted/fished. And the vast majority of my diet is organic- and has been since my late teens).

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