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80% 0f Antibiotics are Fed to Farm Animals – and it’s killing us!

Here’s something we should all be aware of (especially when we go food shopping):

I hope you signed the petition… and look for the label in the meat department that tells you your steak is from a cow raised without antibiotics.

Who will get the College student vote in 2012?

Eric Oster, in Faster Times, illustrates the college vote potential for the 2012 election compared to 2008:

The youth turnout for the 2008 election was a big story, with record numbers turning up to the polls — mostly to vote for Obama.

So what will the youth vote look like in 2012? Well, just check out the infographic below. Not surprisingly, the turnout isn’t expected to match the record numbers in 2008 — perhaps because Obama has proven such a disappointment to those who expected “hope” or “change.” Also not surprising, however, is the fact that not too many young voters can get behind Mitt Romney. Or the fact that jobs and unemployment is the biggest issue for voters 18-29, seeing as many of them are unemployed or severely underemployed.

– Eric Oster is an Assistant Editor at The Faster Times and a writer, editor and musician from Fairfield County, Connecticut. After graduating Goucher College in 2008 with a degree in creative writing, he was co-founder and Editor-in Chief of a literary magazine called Caution Horse. He is currently learning to communicate telepathically with cats in an attempt to direct an all-cat rendition of The Sound of Music. You can follow him on Twitter @ErikDOster.

Youth Vote Showdown
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