Daily Archives: July 5, 2012

Our Second Night of CATF…

Contemporary American Theater Festival

Last night we saw two plays at the Contemporary American Theater Festival… and I have to have seen all five by Sunday so I can get my WSHC reviews in by Monday.

Our friends Linda and Cecil are up from Silver Spring to see them all with Elly and me… this is our annual couples get together. Linda and I go way back to our time at Laurel Mill Playhouse.

Last night we saw “Gideon’s Knot” by Johnna Adams (a workd premiere), and “The Exceptionals” by Bob Clyman. Tonight we go to “Barcelona” by Bess Wohl (another world premiere.)

When I finish my reviews I’ll post them here as well… the Festival goes on throughout the month and I hope you’ll use my reviews to make your attendance decisions.

4th of July in San Diego – An Explosive Event

Had you been in San Diego, CA, last night, you could have seen a greater fireworks failure than you could imagine. Somehow, 15 tons of fireworks all went off at once, exploding in the sky for a quick 15 seconds.

No one was injured, however, the music synchronized to go with the fireworks played on.

Bill Moyers: Why America — Where Only The Rich Get Richer — Is Not A Democracy

Moyers has seen America become a plutocracy over six decades… and he’s not happy about it.