Daily Archives: July 3, 2012

How many Americans actually watch (or listen to) the News?

For instance, with all that has been said in relationship to the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare, wouldn’t it be really disappointing to know that almost half of all Americans were in the dark about the decision?

Or maybe it would be frightening. These are people that vote.

A new Pew Research poll finds that 45% of Americans either didn’t know what the Supreme Court had decided with regards to President Obama’s health care law (30%) or thought that the Supreme Court had overturned the law (15%).

My guess is that the same number of Americans know exactly who Kim Kardashian is dating.

Andy Griffith, dead at 86.

We remember him from “The Andy Griffith Show” or, later, from “Matlock.” Andy Griffith died about 7 a.m. this morning of a heart attack.

In more than half a century of performing on stage, on film and on television, Mr. Griffith became a symbol of North Carolina in the role of Sheriff Andy Taylor. “The Andy Griffith Show,” which initially aired from 1960 to 1968, was seen somewhere in the world every day.Griffith’s career was in”No Time for Sergeants” on Broadway, in movies such as Elia Kazan‘s “A Face in the Crowd“,  and he made musical records. He was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts Hall of Fame in 1992 and in 2005, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“The Andy Griffith Show” was one of only three series in TV history to bow out at the top of the ratings. The others were “I Love Lucy” and “Seinfeld.”

Fun with Christian Education…

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has come under focus recently for the kind of textbooks he is willing to fund with State money, even they are for private Christian schools. And this is a guy who some want for Vice President.

Some samples:

“Are dinosaurs alive today? Scientists are becoming more convinced of their existence. Have you heard of the ‘Loch Ness Monster’ in Scotland? ‘Nessie’ for short has been recorded on sonar from a small submarine, described by eyewitnesses, and photographed by others. Nessie appears to be a plesiosaur.”

– from Louisiana Christian schoolbook by Accelerated Christian Education, or ACE.

“…is it possible that a fire-breathing animal really existed? Today some scientists are saying yes. They have found large chambers in certain dinosaur skulls… The large skull chambers could have contained special chemical-producing glands. When the animal forced the chemicals out of its mouth or nose, these substances may have combined and produced fire and smoke… Dinosaurs and humans were definitely on earth at the same time and may have even lived side by side within the past few thousand years”

— from Bob Jones University Press biology textbook Life Science 3rd. Edition (2007).

“The Great Depression was exaggerated by propagandists, including John Steinbeck, to advance a socialist agenda.”

 – also from Bob Jones University Press.

These books are used widely in Christian schools that would receive dramatically increased funding under Mitt Romney‘s education plan. But look at this:  BJU‘s biology, history, English, and religion textbooks have been rejected by the University of California for course credit. Why? Because they don’t even have the kernel of truth in them.

My recommendation: don’t go to school in Louisiana.

A Quote for the Day – Watch what you tweet!

“If you post a tweet, just like if you scream it out the window, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.”

– Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Matthew A. Sciarrino Jr.

Sciarrino ruled Monday that Twitter must turn over some three months’ worth of data from the account of an Occupy Wall Street protester who is being prosecuted on charges of disorderly conduct.

This raises all new questions about freedom of speech as relates to communication technology and will probably lead to even more extreme rulings in the future.