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Quote of the Day – Romney Staffer Admits GOP is Rooting Against Economy

“I am buying that they’re rooting against the economy somewhat, because they think that the short term pain of the next four months is much better than having an additional four years under Obama. If we have to suffer between now and November to get a president, they’re all for it.”

 – Former Romney adviser Rob Gray

and, as Bob Cesca says:

…they don’t give a rip that “the economy” isn’t just some sort of abstract fart in the wind. It’s real people with real families in need of real jobs, and broadly speaking it’s the financial health of the United States. Republicans are rooting against that. Good people. Let’s totally continue to take them seriously — you know, because they’re so serious.

If anything should be working against Romney and pals among the rest of us in America, it is that. That conservative politicians would let their country flush down the drain instead of helping it survive is their primary failure.

800,000 Kids Caught In Immigration Limbo rescued by Obama – and he shuts down a right wing heckler:

We can be proud of the Prez!

While the DREAM Act is currently stalled because of a contentious and uncooperative Republican majority in Congress, Obama has announced a new decision from the Department of Homeland Security that will provide relief to an estimated 800,000 kids living in risk of deportation. Watch:

What A Navy Seal Wants You To Know About Obama

(thanks to Linda Bartash for passing this around. You should, too.)

The next time you hear Romney say that Obama has no experience in the military (which Romney, btw, doesn’t either) haul this out.

I needed something to laugh at this afternoon… so here it is:

From Conan’s show: Jack McBrayer (Kenneth on 30 Rock) & Triumph The Comic Insult Dog Visit Chicago’s Weiner’s Circle (a famous site of vulgar insults.)

You’ll get a kick out of this (language not safe for prudes.)