A Fairy Tale from Paul Krugman…

Settle down kiddies and listen to this, before you nod off to passive sleep and let those Republicans walk all over us…

Once upon a time, …America was a land of lazy managers and slacker workers. Productivity languished, and American industry was fading away in the face of foreign competition.

Then square-jawed, tough-minded buyout kings like Mitt Romney and the fictional Gordon Gekko came to the rescue, imposing financial and work discipline. Sure, some people didn’t like it, and, sure, they made a lot of money for themselves along the way. But the result was a great economic revival, whose benefits trickled down to everyone.

You can see why Wall Street likes this story. But none of it — except the bit about the Gekkos and the Romneys making lots of money — is true.

– Paul Krugman, NY Times

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  1. william wallace

    The reality being the referee having blown his whistle
    & stopped play / not one player but whole AMERICAN
    team sent off the field due to their appalling behaviour.

    The behaviour of americans of late so bad // that the
    case being put before the Almighty by the majority of
    nations being that americans not only be sent off the
    field / but should be in total removed from the planet.

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