Church Member defends anti-Gay Pastor

Remember last week when I wrote about the North Carolina Pastor who wanted to put all Gays and Lesbians behind an electric fence and keep them there until they died out? That got a lot of play all over the net, mostly, I guess, because it was so disturbing… no disgusting… and even the religious folks out there were sort of pissed about it.

Well, Anderson Cooper interviewed one of that pastor’s church members who defended him. Keep an eye on Coopers face as he interviews her… you rarely see anyone so upset during an interview.

I believe Cooper himself is gay as well, so this must mean a lot to him.

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  1. You know what scares me more than Armageddon? Stacey Pritchard

  2. william wallace

    The reality is christians (the religious brainwashed) if they could
    get away with it would have all none christians killed // they be in
    the act of doing such at present with muslims / over the past two
    decades the slaughtering of muslims continues to rise in number.

    Europeons had centuries of burnings at the stake for those whom
    daring defy Authority of Church whom defying Christian teachings.

    Burnings at the stake being mostly woman and children. Such was
    before christianity woman was more learned as played the leading
    moral role in the family / as within the community // thus the target
    the victim of christianity where christian male / the dominant force
    enforced through religious teachings // that the lust of the female
    for sexual pleasure // be the reason man was evicted from heaven
    thus woman is but to be scorned abused beaten unto submission
    that she in giving birth // was but producing the product of her SIN.

    The best bit of christian propaganda ( which is but only laughable
    they claimed their leader was not born of SIN but born of an virgin
    thus being free from SIN had an ability removing the SIN of others
    ( IT GETS FUNNIER) if one accept Jesus as one’s leader as SON
    of GOD as accepT the nonsense as brainwashing of christianity
    then on death ones spirit will go to a place called heaven / which
    be somewhere beyond the clouds a place where GOD & SON live.

    Christianity through such appaling fraud is a organization that has
    a yearly turnover of $billions // money taken from the brainwashed.
    Brainwashed through religious fraudsters whom promise a heaven
    where only knowing hell // such fraudsters are heartless creatures
    of the night whom pray on the most vulnerable /robbing them blind.

    Should religious christian leaders wish judge then firstly they should
    look upon themselves / they be one of the worlds biggest fraudsters.

    If one is gay / lesbian / bisexual / then it’s of one’s genetic structure
    it’s not a cause to be held to shame or be blackmailed it being one
    live their life as to their need where one of course protects children
    that a child is not a victim of abuse / but always protected by adults
    that they grow free of brainwashing free from religious persecution.

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