I’m really tired of hearing how Obama is costing WV coal jobs. Not True!

This is for you folks out there who are buying the Tea Party Joe Manchin lies. From West Virginia Blue, a blog I have great respect for:

West Virginia Coal Mine Jobs Rise Under Obama

      Despite the lies told by Sen. Joe Manchin (Joe Manchin) and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (Joe Manchin) and the Friends of Coal Barons Who Kill Miners, President Barack Obama’s EPA has not spelled doom to coal jobs. In fact, the opposite is true:

While the Obama administration and the EPA may be taking a harder look at mountain top removal mining permits, a quick look at coal mining employment in West Virginia reveals that since Obama took office in the winter of 2009 coal mining employment has grown by over 1,500 jobs or by 7.4%. If we measure from the end of the national recession in June 2009 (or the 2nd Quarter of 2009) to the third-quarter of 2011 (the latest available data), employment in the coal mining industry has grown by 3,100. For comparison, total employment in West Virginia has only grown by 2.9% over this period.

People have to really hate Obama to push the lies that come out of the coal industry, out of Manchin’s office and out of the Romney Campaign. It’s possible that the West Virginia politicos (even those claiming to be “Democrats”) have other goals in mind for this pathetically poor state.

We’ll see.

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  1. I grew up, more or less, in coal country. And when I was back recently the number of coal industry propaganda/billboards was astonishing.

    The truth is it arguably the dirtiest energy we know. (some would, fairly, argue nuclear which while non polluting in one sence has more then a myriad of issues of it’s own- And yes- I grew up down river during the 3 mile island incident).

    But a simple truth is that the biggest threat to coal is the explosion in natural gas exploitation that has come under the tenure of Obama. And unless coal is given carte blanche to rape, pillage, and plunder it is in very real trouble.

    And so be it. I grew up seeing the cancer clusters. The fish kills in our streams and rivers. The hard working men who did jobs few americans would be willing to- only to end up on public assistance when they, and their familes, got sick.

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