Religion vs. The Constitution – why are we even debating this?

Do you remember Jefferson’s ideal that “all men are created equal” and have “certain unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?” Right… it’s in the Declaration of Independence… the document upon which our democracy has been constructed.

More than half the population, however, faces discrimination every day in every aspect of their lives and do not enjoy equal rights.

Republicans do not embrace equal rights for all Americans…  their drive to subject women to inequality and discrimination is only matched by their punitive actions to restrict gays from marrying or even having a civil union with the partner they love..

President Obama, in his historic announcement on Wednesday that he supports gay marriage, defines himself as a true advocate for equal rights for all Americans.

The opposition to gay marriage is based solely in religious dogma, and by legislating against same-sex marriage, Republicans are sanctioning religious discrimination laws that are, at the least, unconstitutional. Republicans claim that not following the Christian prohibition on homosexuality threatens traditional marriage, destroys children, and will lead to America’s demise, but they have no evidence to support any of their claims.

Conservative republicans’ media outlets, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, advocate this inequality and discrimination and  emboldens homophobic Americans to renounce the rights of all citizens for gays. Giving the gay community the right to marry is not only about ending social discrimination, it also means the end of financial penalties for being gay…for instance, the ability to have “married status” on federal income tax returns.

Is our freedom for all Americans? For some Americans? Fort rich Americans? For Religious Americans? – I hope it is for EVERYONE and no backsies.

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  1. I know it’s annoying to point out the obvious, but I’m glad you did it anyway, since it still needs saying. I just did a post similar to this yesterday and will add a link to your post from mine.

  2. Minor nitpick- the Jefferson quotes are from the Declaration of Independence not the US Constiution.
    Other then that- I fully agree with you I do think Jefferson, and the quotes go to illustrade Americas long standing dichotomy of ideals and believs, vs its actions. Jefferson penned these words while at the same time being a large slave owner. And while he did have a complicated relationship with the issue of slavery, making significant contributions to anti-slavery laws and beliefs, he also never gave his slaves their freedom.

    The ability to justify aspects of things that we are otherwise morally against is a long standing (and I’d argue human) tradition…

  3. First – there is no Christian prohibition, at least Chrst never addressed it. But why debate it? Because the GOP’s primary political tool is running against the ‘other’. And, as you point out, making them afraid of the ‘other’.

    Love that FEAR cartoon. It’s new to me.

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