Thom Hartmann reports on Wisconsin Primary to unseat Gov. Walker…

Posted yesterday:

You need to know this. Wisconsin voters hit the polls today for the first battle in a historic recall election in the state. Democrats will choose between one of four Democratic candidates – plus a Republican spoiler candidate running as a Democrat – to take on Governor Scott Walker in the June 5th recall elections. Walker himself is facing a primary challenge as well. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is the favorite among Democrats and is actually polling ahead of Scott Walker in recent polls. But, Walker has raised $21 million so far – more than any other candidate for Wisconsin Governor in history – and has spent just as much on TV advertising in Wisconsin as all the Republican presidential candidates combined. However – all that money isn’t translating into gains at the polls. Each month since January – Walker has seen his support go down. Keep an eye on Wisconsin – if people power overcomes money power in this recall election – then it could be a perfect model for progressives nationwide, heading into the general election.

– Thom Hartmann

Lots of us are watching this process closely. If he is voted out of office, Walker will only be the second governor in 50 years that this has happened to.

I encourage all Wisconsonites (my son included) to keep the pressure up there. Knowing they are fighting a lot of out of state money from the Koch brothers and others.

I haven’t seen who won the primary yesterday… hopefully NOT the Republican spoiler (although I’d be surprised if it went that way.)


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