Once again, I am embarrassed to live in West Virginia.

I have said many times in this blog that, with the exception of Shepherdstown and most of the Eastern Panhandle, I dislike being identified with West Virginia. Whether it is a supposedly Democratic senator who acts and votes like a Republican (Manchin) or the hillbilly stereotype other states see us as, being in West Virginia is no place for a liberal. We are victims of tons of jokes told in other states, like:

Q. Why do ducks fly over West Virginia upside down?
A. There’s nothing worth crapping on!

Well, we topped ourselves again, In yesterday’s Democratic primary, a man in prison in Texas got 4 out of 10 votes for the Presidential nomination.

Keith Judd, is serving time at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas for making threats at the University of New Mexico in 1999. Obama received 59 percent of the vote to Judd’s 41 percent. He got on the ballot  by paying a $2,500 fee (don’t know who paid it for him…but I am not surprised that some West Virginian did) and filing a form known as a notarized certification of announcement with the Secretary of State’s office.

Interviewing a WV resident, the AP published a statement:

“I voted against Obama,” said Ronnie Brown, a 43-year-old electrician from Cross Lanes who called himself a conservative Democrat. “I don’t like him. He didn’t carry the state before and I’m not going to let him carry it again.”

When asked which presidential candidate he voted for, Brown said, “That guy out of Texas.”

Now it’s a question whether Judd will have a representative at the Democratic National Convention (15% of the vote or more usually gets you a rep.)

So, West Virginia has embarrassed me once again. Where will it end?

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  1. Your Embarrassed to be from W.VA? Seems to me your fellow W.VA people clearly understand what Obama represents and that is total failure. The man(Obama) wants to close the states number one industry of coal. Your fellow citizens understand the implications if he succeeds. You are an Embarrassment to your State.

    • Jason, shutting down coal and replacing it with non polluting wind and solar power would preserve the climate for our children and great grandchildren. If Obama were the only one supporting getting off coal (which he hasn’t, btw) it would be one thing, but there is a growing number of WV Citizens who would like to see truth in the highly unsafe coal industry as it exists today.

  2. Don’t worry, the rest of the state doesn’t claim you, or anyone in Shepherdstown, as one of them anyway 🙂
    This primary result is embarrassing, but I think it says more about WV “democrats” than the state as a whole. The non-liberal dems just need to stop pretending they aren’t republicans and officially make the switch. That goes for the majority of so-called democrats these folks elect to the state government, too, who clearly subscribe to nearly all things republican, especially social and environmental issues. The state’s two highest profile politicians – Senator Manchin and Gov. Tomblin – have even tried mightily to distance themselves from a president who represents their own party.
    If you get out of the panhandle and into real WV, you will find some of the greatest places and people in the nation. You will also find that real Mountaineers don’t give two poops about the derogatory jokes, because they know this is a wonderful place to call home. The state is not the problem in these elections. The holdover “southern democrats” are. If all of these people who voted for a convicted felon were registered as republicans, as they should be, then this never would have happened. They would have voted for Santorum or Gingrich or some other moron who more closely represents their actual political leanings.
    An independent spirit and separatist mentality helped create the state and has contributed to a unique culture inside its borders. Unfortunately, I cannot chalk this one up to an independent spirit in protest though; only ignorance. I am not embarrassed to be from WV, but I am embarrassed today by the lack of common sense, which is a flaw we see regularly exhibited by WV’s democrats.
    Full disclosure: I am registered as an independent and voted for Ron Paul in yesterday’s primary. I am a native of Randolph County and have lived in the eastern panhandle for nearly three years.

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