A statement on the increased problem with guns…

Educator John Merrow in the HuffPo commented on the causes of increased gun deaths in schools as they relate to the availability of weapons to children:

The NRA‘s mantra, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people,” is nonsense. People with access to guns kill people. The autobiography of charismatic educator Geoffrey Canada describes in vivid detail how things have changed. In fact, his brilliant title says it all: Fist Stick Knife Gun.

When I was a kid, we wrestled and maybe threw some punches when we were out of control mad. Today, we shoot someone.

The NRA does NOT represent a majority of gun owners, yet they have intimidated politicians to stand in television focus supporting this right-wing radical group (look at Romney and other Republicans.)

It’s not certain if we will ever do something about the situation unless citizens speak up with their complaints and their votes.

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