Quote of Day – on the summer of economy repair

From Sandy Underpants at The Aristocrats:

if the Obama team is any good, and I think they are, they are going to spend every penny they can spend, every squirreled away billion is going to hit the economy.  if it is possible for us to have a recovery summer, this will be the summer we get it.  of course it can’t be done without fingerprints and Republicans will all squeal like a stepped on cat every time a dollar gets spent.  President Obama won’t be able to have an extra squirt of creamer in his coffee without being accused of juicing the economy.  so that will be our long boring political summer.  to the extent that anyone pays attention it’ll be a long boring political summer that Democrats win.

You know, I agree with him and I’ll be promoting the Democratic program here on this blog all summer.

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  1. The Republicans can and will do all they can to slow the economy. And I wouldn’t put it past the big doners from big business to put off hiring, decrease production, even layoffs.
    The great unknown is the EU. If it folds, that will affect our economy and there is noting we can do about it.
    But even with that, Democrats will keep pushing this but Romney himself is showing how inept he is. So maybe regardless of the economy, President Obama looks so muich better then what the Republicans came up with.
    Not a shoe-in but Obama is much easier to argue for.

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