Watching Mitt getting “endorsed” by Republicans who don’t really mean it.

Michelle Bachmann endorsed Mitty today… the same Michelle Bachmann who, just before she dropped out of the primaries, when asked if Romney could beat Obama, said “No.”

Then there’s Newt’s endorsement who, when asked if Romney was conservative enough, could only say “compared to Obama?”

And Santorum, who kept saying Obama needs to be beaten and was told by a reporter “That sounds like an endorsement for Romney.” Santorum said, “…if you take it that way.”

Why do the people he ran against hate him so much… why the bitterness? The main reason is that Republicans don’t really believe Mitty stands for anything. They think he’s a fake (or as Chris Matthews says “An empty suit trying to look like a conservative.”

Judging by the former Bush employees who he has lined up to work for him across the board, it’s W’s ideas he will most likely be bringing us if elected.

Gee, Another neocon-ish guy.

Let’s take us backward (hey, good slogan for Mitt, as long as Barack is using Forward.)


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