Genetically Modified foods should be labeled…

…we have a right to know what we are eating, and the right to refuse to eat GMO foods.

Just Label It! We have the right to know.

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  1. Unless you do your own hunting and gathering, practically every food you’ve ever eaten is genetically modified in some way. The only difference is the method – selective breeding vs. direct manipulation of the genome. And the only difference between these methods is that with the latter, we have more control over what happens.

    And yes, the woman in the video is correct that some GMOs produce their own insecticides. But what she doesn’t tell us is that this insecticide is, as far as I can see, always a protein produced by “Bacillus thuringiensis”, which is completely safe for humans. It works by binding to receptors in cells in an insect’s gastrointestinal system – receptors that our cells don’t have. It’s been used on plants externally since 1938.

    If you want to eat healthy, don’t worry about GMOs. Worry about what’s in the nutrition facts.

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