Quote of the Day – What Congress Does

Congress creates a new achievenment record…achieving nothing.

“If you were to stroll by the House chamber today — or tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that — you would arrive at the ideal time to see what the lawmakers do best: absolutely nothing.”

“It’s another recess week for our lazy leaders… By the time the Republican-led House returns next week, members will have been working in Washington on just 41 of the first 127 days of 2012 — and that was the busy part of the year. They are planning to be on vacation — er, doing ‘constituent work’ — 17 of the year’s remaining 34 weeks, and even when they are in town the typical workweek is three days.”

– Dana Millbank

And we pay these people?


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  1. Well yes, we pay these people. But not as much as General Electric, ADM, Pfizer, Citibank, etc. pay these people. Oops, “donate campaign contributions” to these people. And you wonder why they are more interested in making General Electric, ADM, Pfizer, Citibank, etc. happy than making the voters back home happy? Really? Follow the money. Just sayin’.

    – Badtux the “Corruption, anybody?” Penguin

  2. jungleintherumble

    The issue is when they do something, it’s usually inefficient and sometimes corupt

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