Pepper Spray Incident – Is this becoming typical?

From Gawker:

Santa Monica College Campus Police Pepper-Sprayed This Tiny Child Last Night

It wasn’t just students protesting tuition hikes who were blasted with pepper spray by campus police at Santa Monica College yesterday. This child—apparently a 4-year-old girl—was also hit. The students, and child, were pepper-sprayed to prevent them from “storming”—i.e. attending—a board of trustee’s meeting.

Is anyone keeping track of the misuses of pepper spray by badged authorities lately. The number is going up and the victims are turning out to be more and more non-criminal.

I am wondering if there are rules for pepper spray use which are equivalent to firearms use in, say, crowds of students (yeah, I remember Kent State) or laborers.

My guess is that there is not.


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  1. No. There are, in most jurisdictions, no strict rules or even guidelines for when to use pepper spray or any other “non-lethal” weapons.

    On the other hand, the blame for this incident is on the mother who brought her toddler to such an undertaking as storming a meeting. When the crowd started to force its way forward, she should have thought of her child’s safety and moved back or to the side.

  2. The authorities in the West are becomeing increasingly aggressive against their citizens. It is a sign of the times that people are becomeing increasingly agitated, the rulers increasingly afraid, and thus an escalation in force on both sides.

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