Approaching Diabetes

As most of you know, since I have discussed it before, I am a Type 2 Diabetic, having been diagnosed about 15 years ago. Recently, I have been getting very concerned with the direction the disease seems to be going. For the last few years I have been traded around by a number of doctors with a number of specialties, I’m loaded with medications and insulin shots and, personally, I feel like things are getting worse.

My greatest worry (and that of most diabetics) is that someday I will end up with one or two amputated legs… something I don’t see as worth living with. While researching the return of itching, coloration and the presence of water under the skin of my lower legs (which I was in the hospital several years ago, getting relief from), I did some looking on line (I can learn more here than I can from a Doctor who gives you an average of 8 minutes on a visit). I found listing for a book by Dr. Mark Hinkes, a podiatrist, titled “Keep the Legs You Stand On.”

Just flipping through it before beginning to read, there was, right before me, a photograph of just what my legs look like…the condition is called Hemosidirin Deposits and show how Iron is lodged under the skin causing discolor. This lower leg condition also includes dangerous skin ulcers, bleeding, itching and other symptoms that can lead to bone infection and leg loss.

Yeah, I’m depressed about this… and while Hinkes’ major recommendation is to go to the Doc or the Emergency Room and have them put me off my feet and treat with antibiotics and lubricating oils that keep the skin from drying out. I have yet to convince myself to do this… having done my own therapy with dermatological lubricating cream and locally applied antibiotics has shown good signs that the symptoms will once again go away.

In order to bring my blood sugar under control, I am in the second day of  thirty day program by Dr. Stefan Ripich (a Naturopathic Doctor, which my wife tells me is a legitimate profession even though I questioned it) which claims to “cure” diabetes. I reality, it is a change in lifestyle which brings blood sugar under control and, having read through the program and the reports from people who have used it, find that it makes a certain amount of sense.

Truth to tell, on the second day of the program I have already eliminated sugar in more forms than I knew existed, and my blood sugar readings have been closer to normal than they have been in a couple of years. I’ll be interested in what I will be like at the end of thirty days.

Ripich claims I will probably be able to stop the meds and insulin… not sure what my Endocrinologist will say.

Anyway, I’m hoping it’s not too late to make all these changes… but I’m an old guy who has not been the best patient all these years. It’s amazing what fear will do.

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  1. It’s great that you’re taking proactive steps to make a change to your health. I really hope that this system you are trying is successful for you, both in terms of it working, and you being able to stick to it. Good luck!

  2. They can also now locate exactly where your the valves in your veins have failed along with the scope of the effects and use minimally invasive means to surgically correct the issue.

    That’s something you should consider since I don’t believe managing the diabetes will reverse that damage.

  3. My grandfather was diabetic and so was my father later in his life. Some say its not a matter of if I become one, but when. Don’t know, but I am getting older. Like you said, fear makes us sit up and pay attention sometimes. For myself I have concluded that I should avoid doctors like a plague unless I want to get some plague. They might be great on dealing with symptoms (drugs for this and this one for what that drug does to you), but must suck at getting to the cause and at understanding natural aides. Keep reading and researching for you. I honestly believe answers for you are out there and its not too late. Thanks for sharing such personal stuff with the rest of us. I am confident it has or will help others.To your GOOD HEALTH! 🙂


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