Thomas Kinkade Dead at 54…

As my wife, who has been an artist who associates with professional artists and has for the last 40 years, points out, the death of Thomas Kinkade will stop the production of some of the world’s most awful art.

Things like this:

…which, at best, can be called kitsch, decorate the living rooms of millions of Americans with clear plastic covered couches. Nothing says more for the need for art education in our schools… something the reactionary budget strippers cut first.

Yet, Kinkade made a fortune at it. Who would have guessed?

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  1. Instead of “art for art’s sake” his works were “paintings for cash” equivalent to the Elvis velvet paintings sold to many gullible pseudo art collectors. He found a formula that worked for him and continued his industry hiding behind religious themes to add credibility.

  2. While there may be no “statues” honoring critics, sometimes there are buildings: The Walter Kerr Theater, for instance, after the late critic for the Herald Trib and the Times.

  3. You are quite gullible if you believe that merely being dead is going to stop the flood of Kinkaid “originals”. After all, he didn’t even paint most of his “originals”, his assembly line operation functioned by him “directing” the brush strokes of dozens of low-paid art students in order to produce sufficient works to fill his network of Kinkade galleries (which themselves were a scam, with gullible investors required to spend half a million dollars on inventory that they would never be able to sell). It was a minor scandal in the art world, one that he merely laughed all the way to the bank about, and if you think his heirs are going to stop the scam simply because the originator of the scam is dead… hah! They’re going to be “discovering unknown works” for *years*!

    – Badtux the Cynical Penguin

  4. Critics (of which there has never been a single statue erected in their honor), said the same thing about Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish. Without critics, no one would ever know what they should like or why they should not like something??? Fortunately for me, my wife also an artist, loves me despite the fact that I too may be considered kitsch at best. I’d love to be paid and paid well, for loving what I do. And if it pleases some kitsch-idiots (those never taught), that’s Okey Dokey by me. I get it that you did not like Kinkade. But Why not suffice it to say, Thomas Kinkade, American artist dead at 54. He loved what he did and so did many others.

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