Daily Archives: April 9, 2012

Tina Fey On The ‘Success’ Of Sarah Palin

Linda, thanks for directing me to this one…

And a Bravo to Tina Fey.

TED talk: Michael Shermer on “Why Do People Do Strange Things?”

Here’s a TED talk I found interesting and revealing from skeptic Michael Shermer:

Here is a man that I have great respect for. Great speech for all you skeptics out there.

Quote of the Day – Paul Begala Predicts Romney’s VeeP Choice…

Thanks to Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire:

“You heard it here first: Mitt Romney is going to select Rob Portman, the junior senator from Ohio, to be his running mate. I have no insight into how Romney will make this decision. But I had a front-row seat at what I believe was the best veep choice of my lifetime...

…I’m betting that Romney’s choice will reflect who he is: a bloodless technocrat who wants to double down on trickle down.”



Interesting. Anyone giving odds? Not a woman, not a Hispanic.

In his “best veep choice of a lifetime” statement, Begala was, of course, referring to Al Gore. I wonder if, looking back at it, I agree with him…but he has a point.

Thomas Kinkade Dead at 54…

As my wife, who has been an artist who associates with professional artists and has for the last 40 years, points out, the death of Thomas Kinkade will stop the production of some of the world’s most awful art.

Things like this:

…which, at best, can be called kitsch, decorate the living rooms of millions of Americans with clear plastic covered couches. Nothing says more for the need for art education in our schools… something the reactionary budget strippers cut first.

Yet, Kinkade made a fortune at it. Who would have guessed?